Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tonight's Special

Mimi came to visit yesterday. Savy was so excited to see her! We shopped and had lunch, and I was exhausted by the time we were finished. We bought some baby clothes, and Mimi bought Savy a few presents. I took a nap yesterday afternoon when we got home. Last night I took my neighbor to the gym as a guest so she could check it out. These are some pics of Savy that I took before we left. She's wearing every bib she owns...I'm not sure why.

Jon's not feeling well, so I decided to make him a special "comfort food" dinner tonight. I made hamburger steak, macaroni 'n cheese, and mashed potatoes with gravy.

For dessert, I made peach cobbler.

I spent over 2 hours making this meal (not including the special trip to the market). It was good, but nothing spectacular. I'm not likely to make this again, so I won't bother posting the was just too much trouble for the lukewarm response. Jon liked the meal, but he's not a big fan of peach cobbler. Savy loved the mac n cheese but wouldn't even try the potatoes, and she hated the hamburger steak. I thought the peach cobbler was really good.....but, again, I'm the only one who likes peach cobbler.

Well, this is my last day off for another 7 days. Most of my week off was cold and rainy...go figure that it's supposed to be nice weather for most of this week. I set up Savy's sandbox today so she can play with her new sand toys...she's going to be very upset that there's no school this week! I think I'm going to spend most of this week cleaning the house.


Jennifer said...

Savy is super cute with the bibs. The meal looks yummy, and so Southern! You are turning into such the cook!

Nanny said...

The food looks really really good. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying that meal. Little Savy just doesn't like many different things, does she? I bet Jon enjoyed it, he just felt too bad!