Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Savy was excited to go to preschool this morning. This was the last day she'll have to wear green...that's good, because she doesn't have many green clothing items. Ms Robin, if you're reading, you guys need to do pink for the next month! Savy made this cute lion mask at school today.

This afternoon, Savy rode her bike and drew with her sidewalk chalk. She always wants me to draw squares so she can play hopscotch...here's an action shot.

I still haven't been able to come up with any baby names that I really like. I hate trying to decide on names...it's such a big decision.

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Jennifer said...

I so wish it was warm enough for us to go outside.. Do a poll for names.. just for fun!

Here are some of my suggestion; can't remember if I have given you any yet..
Kael, Rivers, Hayes, Maddie, Sage

I'm sure my John would roll his eyes if he saw my suggestions. He thinks I come up with weird names. I don't like to call them weird, just different.

Wish we could see you guys!