Saturday, February 28, 2009

Global Warming, My $^&#%&

We were supposed to go to Texas de Brazil with friends from out of town tonight. I was really looking forward to it (you guys all know how I love that restaurant), but we had to cancel because of the snow. We did try, but we didn't even get out of town before we realized there was very little chance we'd make it to Memphis. This is what our neighborhood looked like just before we left.

Our birds in the can really see the snowflakes in this one.

Here's how the roads looked in town.

And on the road to our neighborhood....seeing cars in ditches is never a good sign.

Since we were all hungry (we fasted all day in preparation for Texas de Brazil), we decided to go to one of the local Mexican restaurants for dinner before going home. By the time we left the restaurant, it was really bad. We were almost home when we came upon a line of cars...some chick in a Lexus was stuck in the middle of the road and no cars could get around her. Jon and a couple of other guys went to help her out. She'd obviously been there nice that only three people in this whole line of vehicles got out to help.

So we made it home safely. See how deep the tracks in the driveway from our truck were.

Jon measured the depth in the driveway

and on his car

and in the back yard....almost 9 inches!

Savy is already talking about making a snowman tomorrow. I'm not really thrilled about the idea of being out in the cold, but I'll have to let her play. I remember how exciting snow was when I was a kid, and it's probably going to be a long time before we see this much snow again!


Jennifer said...

How fun! You guys enjoy yourself and I can't wait to see pictures of Savvy playing.

Nanny said...

You and Savy be careful and don't get sick from being in the cold very long. You probably couldn't even get to a doctor if there was sickness, especially to Memphis. I know she is excited, snow is really pretty, but that is all. I don't like to have to be out in it. So far it is cold here and raining. I'm afraid it will start freezing over, and that is worse than snow. Maybe if we get ice, snow will come on top of it where it won't be so slippery.