Monday, February 9, 2009

Savy Meets The Dentist

Today was Savy's very first trip to the dentist. We stopped at the city park on the way so Savy could run around a little. Savy's preschool teacher was there with several of Savy's school friends (she keeps a few children on non-school days). As soon as we got to the playground, Audrey ran up and gave Savy a hug...she's so sweet!

When we got to the dentist's office, Savy was won over by the waiting room...she loved it! It really is pretty nice....the whole ceiling looks like a tree canopy with limbs and leaves, and there's a tree trunk in the corner that the kids can play in. There are forest animals painted all over the walls. Here are pics of the tree.

This is a shot of the ceiling.

I didn't take pics once we were taken back (privacy issues and all that), but it was really cute. Instead of dentist chairs, there were padded benches. The forest theme carried over into that area, and there were actually tv screens mounted on the ceiling over each bench so the kids can watch cartoons while they're lying there. Savy was such a big girl. She wasn't afraid at all, and she did everything they asked her to do without any complaints. She had her teeth cleaned, x-rays taken, and an exam by the dentist. She was a perfect little lady...I was so proud!
I really liked all the people there. They were great with Savy and she enjoyed her visit. The dentist gave her a good report. I think we'll stick with this one.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I was wondering about the name of your dentist? I am looking for a new dentist for my son in the area.

Christy said...

His name is Dr Josh Brink. The office is Pediatric Dentistry in Eads, but he also has offices in Bartlett and one more town that I can't remember right now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, We recently quit Meade Moore in Germantown because of some unethical pricing issues.