Saturday, February 7, 2009


I'm finishing up the busiest week, and Savy was sick with a stomach virus yesterday and last night. She's feeling much better today, thank goodness! I'm feeling guilty about neglecting you guys. So here's a re-run of an earlier post that everyone seemed to like back in July '08....just click on the link and it'll direct you there. Everything should be back to normal next week!

Perils On The New Route

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Nanny said...

Poor little Savy. I hate to hear that she is sick. I hope she didn't get hold of some of that peanut butter salmonella that has been going around. I heard on tv today that a little girl got sick at school after eating some peanut butter crackers that she brought from home, that was purchased at the local Sams Club.Be careful that those little lunchables and stuff don't have any peanut butter in them. They said it is not even safe now to eat candy bars with peanut butter or even nabs with peanut butter. It will take awhile for all that stuff to get off the shelves, because some stores haven't pulled it, I think. Love you, give Savy a big hug.