Saturday, February 14, 2009


We slept late today and woke to Savy rattling the gate at her bedroom door. We have to lock her in at bedtime or she might get up in the middle of the night and get into trouble. Jon sneaked my Valentines gifts into the kitchen when I went to rescue her. I got two bouquets of roses and one mixed arrangment (picked out by Savy), and Fireproof on dvd.

We took Savy to see Coraline in 3-D today. This was her first movie (except for Narnia when she was itty bitty), and she loved it! I was a little worried she would get bored, but she sat and watched the whole movie. She even applauded after one particularly good circus scene. She wouldn't wear the 3-D glasses, so we could've just gone to our regular theatre to see it in 2-D. Jon and I enjoyed the special effect though, and it is definitely worth the extra effort.

Savy was super excited this morning and couldn't wait to get there. She was especially excited about getting "movie popcorn." Jon ordered a kid's pack for her, and he and I shared a big tub of popcorn. Movies and concessions are expensive when there's more than just the two of us! We normally don't get snacks when it's just us. Here's Savy enjoying her popcorn before the movie started.

After the movie was over and we were in the van, Savy asked to go watch it again. Maybe I'll take her next week to see it in 2-D...a lot of the movie was blurry for her since she didn't have the glasses on. We'll definitely be buying it when it comes out on dvd. We had dinner at Old Venice, where we used our gift card (I got a $25 gift card for $3)...thanks for tipping me off to that site, Jennifer!

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