Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Think We Need An Intervention

Ever since Jon brought home a huge box of rice krispies treats from Costco, Savy has been obsessed with them. She asks for them constantly, tries to sneak into the pantry to get them, hides them in her get the picture. Anyway, she got sneaky this morning. Usually when Savy wakes up, she comes into the study to let me know she's up. This morning I heard a rustling coming from the kitchen. Instead of coming to find me when she woke, Savy got out of bed, took her pajamas off (for some reason), and headed to the pantry. She hastily grabbed as many rice krispies treats as she could, put them in a box, and went into the hearthroom. There she proceeded to watch cartoons and have rice krispies treats for breakfast.

No, I didn't let her eat them all.

It was so nice the low 70's and sunny. Savy rode her bike and drove her car, and we went for a 2 mile walk this afternoon. After that, Savy played with Abbey and Zoe for awhile in their yard. After Jon got home, Savy disappeared. This is how we found her...hiding in her playroom with her stash.

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Ann said...

Ah oh Busted! Guess you will have to hide the rice krispy treats from her.