Friday, February 13, 2009

Savy slept late this morning, so I got to catch up on my sleep too. We went to the local McDonalds for lunch (Savy's pick), and I let Savy play in the play area after we ate. I forgot to take my camera, so no pics today.

Savy had her Valentine's Day party at school yesterday, and she came home with a whole bag of goodies. She's feeling much better now, thank goodness. I spent most of yesterday cleaning out our closet and cleaning the windows inside and out. Ok, I only cleaned the windows in the hearth room/breakfast room, but there are a lot of windows in there! I'll get to the others on the next pretty day, I guess.

I think we're going to take Savy to see Coraline this weekend in 3-D. The only place it's showing in 3-D is the Paradiso, so I guess that's where we'll go. She seems pretty excited about it. This will be her second movie...the first was Narnia when she was only a couple of months old.

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