Monday, July 12, 2010

I called Savannah's pediatrician this morning to tell them about the allergic reaction she had on Saturday and to ask if they recommended allergy testing. They said that as long as there was no sign of an anaphylactic reaction (swollen tongue or lips, wheezing, etc) that allergy testing isn't necessary. They did recommend trying to introduce individual ingredients to identify the culprit, so I guess we'll try that when her rash fades completely. They also said children often outgrow that kind of food allergy.

We had a horrible storm last night! It woke Scarlett and Savannah and blew the swimming pool off the patio. It was still rainy this morning, so we all sat down and watched Sleeping Beauty, then I did a little cleaning in Savy's room.

Here's another project I got done last week - finally got curtains up in Savy's room. Her new room is on the back of the house, so she gets full sun in the afternoon. I put up these "energy efficient" curtains, and they really do help keep her room from getting so hot in the afternoons. I open them before bedtime because Savy likes the sun to wake her up in the mornings. I just have to remember to close them before the sun hits those windows after lunch.

I don't think I posted photos after I finished her new room, so here are some more.
I moved her little playhouse under the canopy - she said she likes it better there. See the glittery butterfly and flower stickers on the wall? She found the ones left over from decorating the shelf and stuck them EVERYWHERE in her room.

This girl is so opinionated about her decor! I found some absolutely beautiful bedding when Mom and I last went shopping, but Savy insisted she wants to keep her old bedspread....even though it's got three rips in it. I tried to change her mind, but she has those Reed genes for hard-headedness. So I guess I'm just going to have to break out a needle and thread and mend her quilt again (I've already fixed two other holes)...she's not giving it up.
Savy saw these cute little pictures and wanted them on her wall, so I just framed them in plain black frames and hung them at her eye level. She picked that spot so she could see them easily.

She still loves her "tiger skin" rug.

The closet is pretty much the same as in her old room, except that I couldn't put drawers in because the alarm system box is in her closet and it's right where I would need to put the drawers.

That big, pink dolphin you see in the bottom right corner is going to be hung from the ceiling by the windows soon.

Yep, Savy definitely knows what she likes and what she doesn't. I guess I'll have to stick to redecorating Scarlett's room.

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