Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sprinkler Park

Savannah has been asking to go to the sprinkler park for weeks, so yesterday we joined Suzie, Abby, and Zoe for some fun. Scarlett wasn't really old enough to enjoy it last year, but she loves it now.

Scarlett was curious about the buckets, but she wasn't brave enough to get under them.

Savannah decided to give her a little help.
Leading her to the buckets....

Waiting underneath for the buckets to fill....


They had a great time.

Here's a pic from last week. Scarlett wants to be just like big sis. Savannah was riding her bike, and Scarlett just had to ride Savannah's old bike. It's much too big, but she insisted on wearing the helmet and all the padding. Then she made Jon push her around after Savannah....her legs aren't long enough to pedal yet.

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