Thursday, August 4, 2011

Water Hopscotch, Anyone?

Savannah and Scarlett begged to play water hopscotch today.

Even Meaux played ... he doesn't seem to hate getting wet like Vita does.

Savannah even tried to turn it into a slip 'n slide.

It wasn't long before Meaux joined Vita in the shade. He is Vita's shadow and follows her EVERYWHERE...see how adoringly he's looking up at her?

Vita got a haircut yesterday...actually, she got shaved. She's just been miserable in the heat lately. She looks funny without all that hair, but she's much happier now.

Here's something from my garden...

an organic cucumber for my morning juice. Bunnies (I suspect) ate every bit of my kale and collards, so I've got to figure out a way to protect the next batch.

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Nanny said...

What a cucumber!! Meaux is the cutest little thing ever. Savy has had a ball taking care of those puppies, I am so glad she got to keep one.