Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey, Savy, You're So Fine....

I can't see Savannah in her little cheerleader uniform without getting the song "Hey, Mickey" stuck in my head.

I'm staying up late tonight to post this because I know there's a very anxious Mimi and Papi just dying to see Savy at the game Friday night. I started out just taking pics (because I was holding a squirming Scarlett), then I missed the very beginning of the dance (because I'm slow)....but you get to see most of it.

Here's Savy before we left for school Friday morning. The "Little Vikings" were cheering at the pep rally that afternoon, so all the girls wore their uniforms to school.

I asked her to give me a cheerleader pose. Her idea of a cheerleader pose is very similar to a flamingo...just standing on one foot. How I love that girl!

She asked me to put the red bow (one of the ones Granny Ruth gave her) in her hair.

Jon, Scarlett and I attended the pep rally Friday afternoon. That was WEIRD - I haven't been to a pep rally since 1992! Here are a couple of pep rally pics. In the first one, look for the blur right in front - that's Savannah.

Here's Savy with some of her friends at the game Friday night. When one of the moms asked for a cheerleader pose, Savannah, of course, struck the flamingo pose again.

Cheering at half-time

Here's the dance video...sorry for the late start. Since I didn't know the dance to practice with her, she only had last Saturday to learn it. Even if I had practiced it with her, I doubt she would have done it that way. If you know Savannah, then you know she dances to her own beat! I think she did great, and she was so proud. Her BFF, Maeson, is right beside her with the red and black pom-poms. I was quite impressed with Maeson's performance - she had it DOWN!

Dance Vid

We celebrated after the performance with sno-cones.


pappi said...

savy is # 101

Nanny said...

What a sweet little cheerleader!!!
Savy is so special!!

Robin Coffey said...

Mace has watched this video a dozen times now! Lol Savannah is just adorable!