Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sprinkler Fun

Jon bought new sprinklers this afternoon, and Savy just had to try them out. She loves playing in the water, whether it's a sprinkler, her wading pool, the birdbath....whatever holds water. She had to go inside to get her Spongebob umbrella and test it.

Savy knows how much Jon likes Spongebob, so she was generous enough to let him play with the umbrella.

I wasn't able to go for a run this morning, so Jon, Savy and I went tonight. Here's Savy in her jog stroller before we left. She loves to get pushed around the neighborhood and yells "Go, Dada, go, go, go" if Jon goes too slow.

Even though I make Jon push the stroller when we run, he still beats me.

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