Monday, July 28, 2008

Excellent Shopping Day

Ahhh, another 7 days off. We spent the day shopping, and Savy was in a great mood today! It's so much more fun shopping when she isn't fussing and crying the whole time. I was mostly hitting the end of season sales....making sure that Savy has plenty of cool and comfy clothes for DisneyWorld.

After we finished shopping, I took Savy to play in the children's area at the mall. She had a ball! I took some photos while I was watching her play.

She climbed around like a monkey

She made lots of friends

And she jumped off this pig about a hundred times

She kept giving a thumbs up every time she jumped off the pig...I'm not sure where she got that.

Savy is so confident and outgoing. She loves playing with other children...I'm glad she isn't shy like I was as a kid.

She definitely did not want to leave. I had to chase her around the play area (much to the amusement of the other parents) when it was time to go. She's very quick and hard to catch when there are all kinds of obstacles in the way.


Nanny said...

When we at your house last time and she only wanted to play one certain song on her keyboard, she'd just dance and go round and round and when the song finished she would do the thumbs up thing and then I would do the thumbs up to her. I think the song was Old McDonald. She would get so aggravated when she would punch buttons and other songs would start, she would just grit her teeth and shake all over, then when she found Old McDonald she would start going round and round and dancing again.

Mimi said...

Looks like yall had lots of fun. I can't wait till we go to Pigeon Forge. I see Savy really likes the pig. Dollywood has a kiddie ride called Piggy Parade (pigs that go in a circle). I bet she'll love that. I wonder how you'll look riding in a pig? Ha Ha!

Christy said...

Very funny, Mom. I'm sure I'll look as funny riding in a pig as you did riding on those teeny tiny motorcycles at the fair when I was little!