Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Product Reviews

My friend Jennifer did a couple of product reviews a while back in an attempt to spice up her blog. I thought that was a great idea, so I'll try it, too. Actually, Jen's just so awsome and cool that I copy everything she does....hope you don't mind, Jen!
Here are a couple of products/brands that I love. Maybe someone will find this helpful.

Oooh, I could go on about this one for days! Paula's Choice skin care line is absolutely wonderful! I love every single one of her products and will not use anything else. They are reasonable priced, highly effective, and Paula's Choice products are not tested on animals. You can order samples of almost every product to try it out, or you can return any full-size product you don't like within 30 days for a full refund. The customer service is excellent, and I always receive my order in 2-3 days even with standard shipping.

I use the weightless sunscreen spray on Savy's gets into all the crevices and gives great protection but is not greasy at all.

This one is a clothing brand that I love....Eddie Bauer. Their clothes in the past were too "outdoorsy" for my taste, but I have ordered a lot from Eddie Bauer this year. I have these linen/cotton shorts in olive and white, and they are the most comfortable and cool (temperature-wise) shorts that I have. These are definitely going to Disneyworld with me!

They have great sales, you can order any item in petite or tall (online), and you can make returns for free to any Eddie Bauer store. Something else you may not know about Eddie Bauer is this (copied directly from the website):

If, at any time, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply exchange it or return it to us for a refund. Your purchase is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product under normal wear and tear and/or defects in original workmanship.

I decided to test this a couple of months ago. A top I'd bought almost 2 years ago developed a small hole at the shoulder seam. I didn't have the receipt, so I didn't get my hopes up. I took it to the nearest EB store, and they gave me store credit for the price for which it was last listed! In fact, if I remember correctly, I came out a few bucks ahead! So if you buy from EB, keep your receipt...they will reimburse for full price if you have a receipt.

I hope you guys didn't find this post too boring!


Jennifer said...

You are so funny! Thanks for the compliment! I don't find it boring but very informative. Though.. I have to add that John made fun of me for putting carpet cleaner and Granola "Ads," on the blog..ha!

Christy said...

Yeah, Jon is laughing at me right now, too.