Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Saturday, we went car shopping. Jon really wants a Flex, but there are absolutely no incentives right now. We'll be waiting for some sort of rebate or no interest financing before we buy, but Jon test drove one anyway. Since I didn't want to deal with transferring a carseat from vehicle to vehicle, Savy and I waited in the truck (with the air conditioner on of course) while he was driving it. She entertained herself by pretending to call Mimi on one of our cellphone chargers.

Lesa and Rose stopped to visit us on their way to St Louis yesterday. We ate dinner at Carrabba's last night. Savy said she wanted chicken fingers, but Rose wound up having to share her pizza when the food was served. Savy enjoys eating out and is usally pretty well-behaved, especially if there are crayons or balloons.

Of course we had to stop at Sheridan's for frozen custard on the way home!


Nanny said...

Savy looks so cute with Jon's cap on backwards. She is so precious. Everytime I see her pictures she has changed some it seems like. She really believes in Mimi. But she should, Mimi worships the ground she walks on. Does your statement about the Flex car mean that you found out something bad is wrong with yours. I hope not. You and Savy need to be able to travel around in it!!!!

Jennifer said...

What is a flex car???? I'm so glad to you that you blogged today, I was beginning to get worried! I'm sure you have your hands full!

Christy said...

Nanny, we're keeping my car and are going to trade in the truck.

Christy said...

Jen, the Flex is the brand new Ford SUV. It has ALOT of room and even has a fridge (as an option). We have to have something with more room than the vehicles we have now! I wish Jon hadn't sold the expedition.