Saturday, July 5, 2008

El Nopal

I wound up working this weekend, because yet another weekender has quit. It's not so's not like I have to leave home to work. Still, I was really looking forward to this weekend off. 7 on/7 off starts on Monday, so I'll be working next weekend too. Jon, Savy, and I went to El Nopal for lunch. Savy insisted on taking the Little Mermaid purse that Mimi bought for her. She put change in it to use in the gumball machine. When we got home, I took some cute pics of her.

Jen (who suggested I start this blog) has been taking some very nice "artsy" photos of her children. Her photography skills are much better than mine, but I'm kinda proud of these two:


Jennifer said...

GREAT PICS!!!! Her eyes are so blue and beautiful! She is absolutely a DOLL!!!! Thanks for doing this blog, I'm having so much fun reading all about the Reed's everyday!

Mimi said...

These pictures are great. Our little girl is growing up so fast.