Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christmas In July

Last week I ordered Savy a sit-n-spin (now called a spin-around), and it was delivered today. She figured it out right away, and seemed to really enjoy it....

...until Jon came home with this.

The spin-around was quickly forgotten as Savy rushed to help him put it together.

Here's a rare occurrence...a man reading the instructions!

Savy got very impatient and frustrated because Jon wasn't working fast enough...she has quite a temper!

She felt much better when he was finished.

She gave him a "thank you" hug...I guess that means he's the favorite (because I did not get a hug for my present).

Vita thanks him, too...now maybe Savy will stop trying to ride her like a horse!


Jennifer said...

I want to come play with all the new toys!!! I bet Savy did think it was Christmas time! I really like the picture of Jon reading the instructions... very rare! Fun Blog!!

Nanny said...

Oh, Jon is such a good daddy. You can tell he loves that little girl to pieces. The picture was so sweet of her hugging him. Looked like he enjoyed it too. I think that little girl has dad wrapped around her finger. The one of her crying looked like it had a little put-on in it!!!

mimi said...

I've seen that look before. I'm glad it was Jon and not me she was impatient with this time. She sure got happy fast when the horse was finished. I bet she loves riding it.