Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Table Dancing and Other Random Stuff

This morning I dressed Savy, then went to get myself ready to go to Kroger. When I came out of the bedroom, I found Savy singing and dancing on the dining table. I'm not sure what brought it on, but she was having a great time.

She has so much energy!

I've been toying with the idea of starting a fashion blog for a while now. I've been compulsively reading fashion blogs and forums ever since I got my "will to shop" back last fall. There are, however, several problems with this. First, I hardly ever actually get dressed in anything other than running clothes and pajamas (why get dressed when you don't have to leave your house to go to work?). Second, I don't really have great fashion sense. And third, I'm not at all photogenic...I always look horrible in pictures (except for professional shots). Since I made an effort to look halfway decent, I would like someone (besides the cashier and bagger at Kroger) to be able to appreciate my outfit.

Yep, I definitely need to practice posing. I am very envious of Kasmira's flattering photos. I've never met her, but I imagine if we did ever hang out we'd have a fabulous time!
I hid my face because no make-up = very, very unflattering pictures. I thought the lighting would be better outside, but I think the inside shot is better.
Jon mocks me endlessly about my new fashion obsession and jokes that I've been posting self-photos on the flikr wardrobe group. I haven't posted my photos; I've only been viewing.
If I do start a fashion blog (big if), I'll have to keep it a secret from Jon...he'd never let me live it down.

On the way home from Kroger, I took a picture of the haunted port-a-potty behind our house. There are new homes being built behind ours...I thought I should throw that in just so you don't think we have a community outhouse or something like that.

I pass this every morning when I go running. A couple of weeks ago, I started hearing really weird noises coming from it when I ran by. It's too early for the construction crew to be on site at that time of morning, and I'm pretty sure none of the neighbors would leave their house to use a port-a-potty. I initially thought maybe some sort of animal was in there, but now it's really starting to freak me out. As I ran by, I tried to convince myself I was imagining things. I felt like an actor in a horror movie, standing in front of the closet door, telling some kid "There's no such thing as monsters"....just before something reaches out and drags them into the closet and they're never seen again. This morning I used a different route; I think I might stick with the new one for a while. Jon thinks Mr. Hanky might be in there.

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Jennifer said...

I swear Christy, I get tickled everytime I read your blogs! They sure are a way to end a very long day! You must find out what is in the portable potty! And.. I'm digging your outfit. You are so bold, I would never have the guts to dress up in front of a camera and then post it!