Friday, July 11, 2008

The weather was dreary and rainy again yesterday. I took some pics of Savy playing with her army men....strange how much she loves those things. When I was very young, my Aunt Bessie kept a box of army men at her house for me to play with when I visited. I loved them, although I can't remember now why I liked them so much.

She especially loves to "fly" the helicopters and planes, making noises that sound more like someone pooting than an aircraft engine. She picks up the little plastic flags and chants "Go, go, go, Mama, go, go" as she waves them up and down.

Last night, we danced to the Avril Lavigne song "Girlfriend" about 6 times in a row. Savy LOVES that song and will dance to it any time it's on. Jon tortured me by playing it over and over....every time I sat down, he'd start it over. Savy would grab my hands and say "Come on, Mama, let's dance"....I just couldn't say no to that. She is so cute when she dances.

While I was recovering from the dance marathon, Savy snuck into the kitchen alone. In less than 2 minutes, she got into the fridge, took out an almost full gallon of milk, and poured it onto our carpet. No, I did not run for the camera...nor did I laugh or give her a hug. What a mess. I will be desperately trying to find someone who will come clean our carpets today.

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Jennifer said...

Oh Savy, what is it with you and milk????? Good luck with the carpet cleaning! She keeps you on your toes I bet! How fun that you guys dance and sing, those are memories that she will never forget, you are such a great Mom!