Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Little Performer

Savy was just full of energy tonight! She started out being silly by wearing her deflated ball (yes, Vita popped another one) as a helmet. Then, Vita and I got to wear it.

When she got tired of the helmet, she rode her unicorn. She really gets into it!

She turned a bucket upside down and used it as a stage. Here's a video of her singing "Yo, yo, way" (she wrote it herself). She's so cute saying "Thank you, thank you" at the end when she takes a bow.

We ended the night with a dance to her favorite song. Thankfully, she didn't want me to dance with her tonight....she wanted the spotlight all to herself. She's watching the video while she dances. In case you can't hear what she says at the end, here's the translation: "Oh, no! You stopped the video. That's not nice! Oh, guys...." then some muttering that I couldn't understand.


Anonymous said...

I wanted so bad to hear Savy perform, but I couldn't get the video. I tried downloading it to real player, but I still couldn't see and hear it. It told me there was no information on this album. I think the real player isn't working right. That is a good picture on the unicorn. She has that mouth wide open on one of them. I told Lee Ottis that she is just beautiful. Rite lookd at your blog. She said you have a beautiful house. She said she left you a comment, but I haven't seen it. I don't think she did it right. I told her how to do it correctly, so maybe she'll leave you another comment.

Nanny said...

Anonymous is me Christy. I failed to do that name thing exactly right.

Jennifer said...

Oh Christy, Savy has a better workout routine than I do! She is so darn cute and full of life, loved the vidoes... you will have to show me how you did it!

Nanny said...

Debbie just told me that her squares of the video had something in them to click on. She said that mine didn't come through correctly or something. Mine are just blank white squares. I have nothing to click on. That's why I right clicked on it and downloaded it to real player. But it wouldn't play there either since the squares were blank.