Monday, October 27, 2008


I can't believe over 30 people have visited my blog today! That's a record for me...and the day is still not over. I hope that all of you who got here by way of a search engine had your question answered...whatever it is you were looking for. I haven't had this many people read my blog since the infamous "True Love" post...thanks to David and Ricky for upping my ratings! I think half the county must have seen that one. Jon was actually getting recognized because of those videos. I'll have to have those guys on again in a new and saucier video.

I really don't have much to tell today. I worked this morning, then Savy and I had to go into the office for a quick inservice this afternoon. Savy got treats from Patti and Pam while we were there...they are her new best friends now.

I wanted to go by Costco on the way home, but I didn't want to brave 5 o'clock traffic on Germantown Parkway. I can't go to Costco now without thinking about Jon. You've all seen "Man vs Wild"...the guy gets dropped in the middle of nowhere with no supplies and has to survive. Jon did his own version...."Man vs Costco." It was hilarious. The best part was when Savy desperately needed a hand wash (due to messy food samples) and we didn't have any wipes. He chipped some ice from one of the freezers, melted it, and used that to clean her resourceful! Whenever I'm there now, I picture him peering around the aisle, hunting for food samples....I guess you had to be there to really appreciate the humor.

Speaking of Costco, did you know that if you wear crocs in Costco or Sams in the winter and push a cart, you build up incredible amounts of static electricity...because of the dry heat, I guess. Then you can shock the crap out of anyone you touch. Trust me, it's almost as bad as sticking a fork in an electrical outlet if you let it build up long enough! This is kind of a contest for me and Jon every see who can shock the other first. I got Jon on the earlobe last was awesome!

Instead of Costco, we went to Target...also on Germantown Pkwy, but much easier to get to. Savy turned down every single pair of house-slippers that I showed her. Jon said she has to have some slippers to keep her feet warm this winter. She refuses to wear socks, even if her feet are ice cold. Jon can't stand cold feet...or cold hands for that matter. I made him scream like a girl tonight when I accidentally touched his bare side with my cold hands. It sounded a lot like Uncle Rico's scream in Napolean Dynamite when Napolean Dynamite threw the tomato at his van. I love that movie...I'm laughing just thinking about that.

Ok, I'll stop rambling.


Priscilla said...


Since viewing your profile on Facebook, I have enjoyed reading your blog.

You have a beautiful family.

Priscilla Burns

Christy said...

Thank you, Priscilla! I'm glad you could visit!