Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Strongest Balloon In The World

We went to El Porton for dinner tonight. Here's Savy just before we left....still playing with the balloon Mimi brought to her today. This is a super-balloon; it's still up after 3 weeks. We bought it while we were in DisneyWorld, but Mom had to take it home with her because we couldn't take it on the plane.

Is anyone having trouble posting comments? Ann said she wasn't able to post one today, but I got one from Jennifer earlier. Don't forget that I turned on word verification, so you have to do that extra step to leave a comment now.

Ann talked me into joining facebook a few weeks ago, and I've just recently tracked down 3 old friends from school....Heather, Joy, and Macy. It's awesome to hear from them again! I hope you guys stay in touch!!!


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I'm able to leave a comment..