Wednesday, October 15, 2008

akedNay ednesdayWay

Sorry for the Pig Latin, but I didn't want the title to pull up my blog on some unsavory google search result.

Savy started out the day watching Bugs Bunny on Jon's i-pod. She sat quietly while I worked and watched in Jon's chair...she turned it on and found the episode she wanted all by herself.

Just before lunch, she got really quiet....of course that means she's up to something. I found her in the hearth room akednay as a jaybird. I talked her into putting a pull-up on, but no luck getting the clothes back on her. So, we just had akednay ednesdayWay....well, she did... I didn't participate.

akednay jello eating

akednay tea party

and akednay singing and dancing

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