Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Beautiful Mess

I went to rehab for a few hours last night to do paperwork. Jon and Savy went to Starbucks, where Savy got a chocolate drink (she has her own special drink at our local shop), a new cup, and a coloring book. This is relevant to the rest of the story, so keep it in mind.

Yesterday afternoon I was talking with Nanny about how terrible Savy's been about making messes lately...particularly with any kind of liquid she can get her hands on. She opens the fridge and takes out milk, coke, syrup...whatever. She takes the tops off her sippy cups and pours out her drinks. Seriously, I've been close to tearing my hair out a few times. So I was venting to Nanny about how tired I am and what a pill Savy's been for the last week and how I don't know what's gotten into her....yada, yada, yada. Nanny listened sympathetically, but I don't think she fully appreciated exactly how bad Savy's messes have been. So here you go, everybody....she did this while I was on the phone with a patient this morning.

You can't really tell on the pic, but it's splattered ALL OVER the wall behind the table.

Obviously, we left the remaining "Savy special" from Starbucks on the counter last night. She got it and...well, you can see what she did. And she's so quick! It takes her no time at all to make a HUGE mess! This has been CONSTANT for a week. I finally figured out why she's been doing it, though. About a week ago, she got her tea set back out and started playing with it again. She just can't seem to help herself....she thinks she has to have real drinks when she plays "tea party." Needless to say, the tea set has been burned in ritual setting...ok, not really. It's just put away indefinitely.

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Adam, Holly, Grace said...

Oh... I can't imagine!! I already cringe when I am feeding Grace baby food and she sticks her hand up to her mouth and then to her clothes or even when she just gets it all over her bib. "I want a neat feeding!" I'm already learning from friends that I have a lot to look forward too! LOL