Friday, October 10, 2008

Virtual Gifts

Savy's been very naughty for the last couple of days. Yesterday, she ran over a twinkie with her Dora car and smeared it all over the kitchen. Then she took off her shoe and poured chocolate milk in it. That was not our first milk incident, and I was not amused.
Today, she refused to wear pants...every time I put them on her, she took them off as soon as I wasn't looking. She was trying to be a ghost by putting her blanket over her head, but she got tangled up in it.

She made up for it a little by helping me clean the kitchen today. She loves to wipe off the tables...she's such a good little helper.

Here she is in her jog stroller just before we went running tonight. She loves being outside. Every now and then she says "Whew, I'm tired."

I want to send out a couple of virtual gifts. The first goes to my mom who says that everyone at work is now calling her "Hot Stuff"'s a clip from Sixteen Candles.

And to my sister-in-law Tamra, I'm sending this....the aluminum foil hat, not Joaquin Phoenix. Someone must have slipped her the kool-aid.

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