Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Toys R Us

I remember the days when I could be in and out of a toy store in less than 10 when Savy was 1 yr old. Now, she has to look at EVERYTHING. We went to Toys R Us today to check out a dollhouse Mom wants to buy for Savy's Christmas present. She liked it, of course, and found several other things she wanted also. She especially liked the battery powered cars...jeeps, four wheelers, hummers...even a cadillac and a corvette. They were all lined up on the back wall, and she had to sit in every one. She'll probably be getting one of those from Santa. She had to walk down every single aisle before we could leave.

When we got home, she snuck into my closet and stole my red heels again. This girl loves a pair of high heeled shoes! And she can actually walk pretty well in them.

She even put on some of my lip gloss...what a girly-girl.


Anonymous said...

She is too cute, and growing up so fast!

Christy said...

Hey, Jennifer! You've been MIA. I miss seeing Blaise, Addi, and Ethan.