Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Must Haves For New Parents : More Product Reviews

A lot of people have been finding my blog lately by way of keyword searches for baby related stuff...especially the diaper rash post. So, I'll review a couple of things that we used with Savy in hopes it will help someone.

First, the Amby Baby Motion Bed.

This thing is a LIFESAVER! Savy was horribly colicky as an infant. She absolutely, positively would not sleep in her crib. She would only sleep, and I mean ONLY, sleep with me...and even then, she didn't sleep well. Of course, this meant that Jon and I didn't sleep either. We tried everything to get her to sleep on her own. One night at 3 am, Jon (in desperation) did a google search for "baby won't sleep", and this was the first thing that popped up. We ordered it the next day, and it was THE BEST purchase we ever made.
It hangs from a spring that gives gentle motion every time the baby moves....simulating the movement a baby feels in the womb before it's born. You can even adjust the angle of the head so the baby can sleep flat or can sleep sort of sitting up...great if your baby has problems with reflux.
The first night, Savy had a little trouble going to sleep, and woke up several times, but that was still a huge improvement. After 2 or 3 nights, she was going right to sleep when we put her in it and she slept all night. I kept it right by my side of the bed...if she did happen to wake up for some reason, I'd just reach over and bounce it a little, and she'd go right back to sleep. If we have another baby, we will definitely use this again.
If you have a colicky baby or one that just won't sleep, GET THIS BED! You will not regret it; it is worth every penny. The only drawback is that you can't use an under-mattress style SIDS monitor with it, if that is something you need to use.

Next, the Tiny Love Clip & Go Musical Mobile.

This was also a great purchase. This is battery operated, so you don't have to keep winding it up. We clipped it on Savy's carrier whenever we took her out (shopping, restaurants, etc), and it kept her entertained the whole time. It spins slowly and plays soft music. If we were in a noisy restaurant, we'd just turn this on, throw a baby blanket over her carrier to block out the noise, and she'd usually watch it until she fell asleep.
Whenever one of our friends has a baby, this is what we give as a shower gift.

Ok, one more. The travel system...something we agonized over. We originally got an Eddie Bauer brand travel system. Now don't get me wrong, I love Eddie Bauer, but their travel systems SUCK! It was extremely hard to use, and Savy's car seat actually turned completely over once when we rounded a curve....and yes, it was installed correctly.
So, we returned it and got the Chicco Cortina KeyFit Travel System.

First off, thank you to Babies R Us for giving us a refund on the Eddie Bauer one even though the return period was up (luckily we had the reciept). The Chicco system is awesome. The carrier was much more comfortable for Savy, and the whole system was just easy to use. The carrier fit into the base easily, and it was easy to take on and off of the stoller. Most importantly, the carrier would not budge more than half an inch when it was installed in the car, even when Jon pushed on it as hard as he could to test it. This thing is stable! I loved this travel system and will use the same one if we have another baby.

That's it for now. I hope this will help anyone who has a new baby!


Adam, Holly, Grace said...

Hey girl! I got your comment on facebook. We have been great. We love KY. Although, the last week has been rough for all of us. We have all had that respiratory junk too and Grace hasn't been sleeping well. Then, yesterday I came down with the stomach virus and now my husband has got it today!

Savy has gotten so big! She is so pretty! Grace is 6 months old now. It is hard to believe. P.S. I like the shirt. Is that a Bill O'Reilly Shirt?

Also, I wish I would have known about that bed when Grace was tiny! She was colicky too! Believe me, we felt your pain! She's good now though!- Holly

Check out our blog and I'll have to link you to ours.

Jon said...

Yep, that is an O'Reilly shirt. I got it for her on her birthday this year.