Friday, October 24, 2008

Absence Make The Heart....

Today Savy and I went to S&P for a late lunch. We had just stepped inside the door when Savy (as she is prone to do) started to run in ahead of me. There's a platform that they use as a stage on the weekends for live music, and I think she intended to stand on it and sing (she's done that before in S&P). She fell and hit her mouth on the edge, splitting her lip pretty badly. She cried and cried...I felt so sorry for her. I would have given anything if I could've taken that pain away...if I could feel the pain so that she didn't have to. That's a concept I never understood until I had her; I'd endure 10 times the pain if only she didn't have to feel it.

She's a tough little cookie, though. The ladies working there were very nice and immediately got her an ice pack and towel. After some cuddling from Mommy and a piece of cake, she was walking up to everyone and showing them her boo boo. She called Daddy and told him about it too. She even posed for me to take a picture.

Doesn't it look terrible?

Anyway, Mom was planning to take Savy for the weekend to give Jon and I a much needed break. Savy said she still wanted to go, so we dropped her off with Mom this afternoon. I talked to Mom a while ago. She, Savy and Pappi were at Wal-Mart, supposedly to get the special present Mimi promised her when she picked her up. She was also going to let her pick out which kind of birthday cake she wants for her party next month.

After we dropped her off, we had dinner at Old Venice (somewhere we hardly ever get to go). We had to switch tables after we were seated because it was super-wobbly. My chair was even worse, practically pitching me out when I leaned too far to the right. So we got a booth instead, and Jon told the server they needed to "take that chair out back" had to be there, but it was really funny. Eating there made me think of Savy, because that was the first place we took her after she was born....she was only three weeks old, and it was the first time we went out for a meal. Funny how I've been looking forward to this all week, but now that she's gone I miss her terribly.

On the way home, we stopped and visited with David and Mary for a while...we always enjoy their company. I think tomorrow we'll go see a movie...probably Fireproof. Maybe we'll get to go to Range USA tomorrow too; I've been wanting to do that for a while now.

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Adam, Holly, Grace said...

Oh no!! (Savy's lip)

That is funny what you said about possibly wanting another little one(on our blog). LOL

Let me know if you see Fireproof and if it is good. We would like to see this one too!- Holly