Thursday, October 16, 2008

King Savy

Jon was pretty tired when he got home, so he and Savy just cuddled and watched Dora. Savy is a daddy's girl, no doubt about it... she gets so excited when he walks in the door.

This was so cute. Jon frequently takes one sock off when he gets home...don't know why, it's just something weird that he does. Tonight, Savy looked at his bare foot, said "Da Da is cold", and tried to put one of her socks on him. It only fit on his big toe, but she thought she had really done him a favor.

Here's Savy wearing the crown she made at pre-school today. She often pats her chest and says "I'm King Savy!" King Savy indeed....she rules our house.

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Jennifer said...

So cute, don't you love how the girls love their Dad's!