Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back To Normal

I'm not completely well, but I do feel much better today. I couldn't stand any more rest, so Jon, Savy, and I finally went running tonight. I did very well...especially considering that I haven't done any kind of exercise (other than pilates and walking) in over a week. Savy was all bundled up and warm in her stroller, and she fell asleep just before we made it home.

Savy has been waking up during the night for several nights...thankfully, she slept through last night. Her lip is almost well, too. She's very excited about trick-or-treating on Friday. If it's cold Halloween night, she'll have to wear sweats under her Tinkerbell costume.

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Nanny said...

Yes, please dress her warm under that little tinker bell outfit. I don't want the sweet little girl to get sick. Also, please be careful trick or treating. That is getting dangerous in the cities. I think people have just about quit letting their children trick or treat except in small towns like here. They still do it in a big way here. Lee Ottis goes back to the kidney doctor tomorrow. They told him to come with a full bladder. I don't know what kind of stuff they will do tomorrow.