Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We Opened Up Ten Cans Of Whoop A$$

Sorry... no pics today. Savy went to work with Jon and I went to the office so we could set off 10 Raid bombs in the house. This was the last resort to get rid of the fleas that took over our house while we were gone. We initially tried sprinkling 20-mule team borax liberally on all the carpets, then using a rake to disperse it. This helped a little, but it certainly did not get rid of them.

As for the apple cider vinegar experiment, I quit after only three days because:

a. It tasted REALLY bad and I couldn't make myself drink it anymore
b. The dogs wouldn't eat it unless I made made a puree of acv and vienna sausages (and that's really gross)
c. I think it was giving Vita diarrhea

When we got home, I was desperate for something to keep the fleas off my feet and ankles. I rubbed apple cider vinegar on my legs...turns out it is an excellent flea repellent when used in this way. So, I don't suggest drinking it, but rubbing it on your skin works (if you can handle the smell). Make sure to use the raw variety (like Braggs) from a whole foods or health food store; the distilled stuff from the local market won't work.

Anyway, Savy enjoyed going to work with her daddy today. She drew a picture for Mr. Alvin, and he paid her $5 for it! She was so proud of that 5 dollar bill...she showed it to me twice after she got home. It's going in her piggy bank with the $10 she had left from Pappy's vacation money.


Jennifer said...

What in the world Christy??? Why did this happen while you were gone? I'm sure this is not what you guys wanted to come home to after vacation :(

Christy said...

Apparently, the dogs brought in fleas before we left, which then laid eggs on their dog beds. The eggs must have hatched while we were gone, and we came home to a house full of ravenous fleas. The good new is that I think we finally killed them all. The bad news is that we have to do the bombs again in two weeks to get any newly hatched ones.