Friday, September 19, 2008

More House Pics

I just thought I'd post some pics of the's clean, so I might as well show it off! Here's the kitchen.

Here's our pantry door. Note the child lock on the handles....

I used to keep it a little loose so I could just slip one side on and off. Savy figured that out. I was in there one day and she closed the doors and slipped the loop on the knob...I thought I'd never get out. Now we have a sharp knife hidden in there to cut through the plastic...just in case she traps one of us again.

Here's the hearth room/breakfast area.

And here's the den. We really need to decorate this room and get new furniture.

And here's the study.

My side

Jon's side

I wonder how long it will stay this way...


Jennifer said...

Your house is so CUTE! And by the way, how did you eat bird seed?

Christy said...

Thank you...I wish my sister in law would come stay a week and decorate for me.

Savy likes to collect nuts and dried berries from our bird feeder when she's playing outside. I think she snuck some in the house. I was working (and not really paying attention), and she kept bringing me these almonds to eat....she likes to bring me and Jon snacks. I ate a few before I realized...hey, we don't have any almonds. She brought me another and it looked suspiciously like the nuts in our birdseed mix.