Monday, September 1, 2008

Vacation Part I : New Orleans

We had a great time in New Orleans! It was so nice to be alone with Jon for a few days. We rode the train from Memphis to New Orleans...thank you, David, for getting up so early on a Saturday to take us to the train station! I enjoyed the train ride and would definitely do it again. We had a private "roomette", so we got to lie down and sleep after breakfast....I guess that made up for having to wake up at 4 am Saturday morning. The only thing I didn't like was trying to walk on a moving train...Jon described it perfectly when he said he felt like a pinball on the way to lunch.

We got there around 3 Saturday afternoon. We stayed at the Sheraton...we had a great view of the river from our room

our view at night

I took these in the lobby of our hotel

We went to the French Market after we checked in, and we had dinner at Pere Antoine's. We walked down Bourbon Street our first night there. Jon hates Bourbon Street, so we only visited it that first night. I wasn't in a drinking mood, so I wasn't disappointed.

Sunday it rained all day long. We ate lunch at Bubba Gump's, and we kicked a$$ on the movie trivia. We were determined not to let the rain spoil our fun, so we bought ponchos before we left the restaurant.

It finally stopped raining Sunday night, so we decided to walk to Emeril's for dinner. It was soooo good....we were absolutely stuffed. It started raining again when we left, and we got soaked on the walk back to the hotel.

Monday, we had brunch at Cafe Orleans. Jon took me to the train station Monday afternoon...I hated to leave so soon. The ride back was a little boring without Jon. I had a roomette on the way back, too, so at least I got to nap on the way.

Mom, Jimmy, and Savy picked me up in Greenwood. I was so happy to see Savy...I missed her terribly.


Jennifer said...

Good thing you guys cleared out before the storm. I bet it was good to have some alone time with Jon.

Christy said...

Jon almost didn't make it out in time. He had to stay all week for his conference, and he was on the last train out Friday before they started evacuating. Even though it rained on us, I'm so glad we got the chance to go!