Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Leave Me Some Love!

Yesterday, I had 19 visitors to my blog. Best I can tell, about 15 people have my blog bookmarked, a couple access my blog through Jennifer's blog, and various folks find my blog through a google or yahoo search about twice a week. So it's pretty safe to assume that most of my visitors are regular readers. Why, then, have all my comments lately been coming from only just a few people....Nanny and Jennifer, and Ann threw one in there a couple of days ago. My neighbor, Suzie, and my mom's friend ,Theresa, and my mom have left comments before to let me know they visited....oh, and Krista too. Thanks guys! I hope you're enjoying the blog! Sorry if I overlooked anyone...so 17 regular visitors minus 7 people who've left comments before equals 10 people who regularly visit the blog who have never left comments.

I certainly don't expect everyone to comment on every post, but every now and then would be nice. I mean, I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family...I'd like to know who's reading. Some I can figure out, most I can't. So, sometime when you finish reading a post, click on the comments link at the end of the post and tell me you were here and how you're doing. I've enabled anonymous comments, so you don't have to create an account to leave a comment...just make sure to type your name somewhere in there so I'll know who ya are. I've also disabled the word verification step, since that seemed to mess a lot of people up...I may have to turn it back on if I start getting spam comments.

Visiting someone's blog without ever leaving a comment is sort of like coming in from out of town and not calling to let anyone know you're here.


Lee Ottis said...

Now you have two!!!

nanny said...

Hello my beautiful granddaughter, who is a wonderful writer. I still say you should write a book. Rest assured that I visit your blog faithfully. I enjoy it so much. Since we don't see you very often, that's how I keep up with what's going on in your lives. We love you!!!

Ann said...

Hi Just wanted to let you know I do read your blog. I love to hear about Savvy etc. Please check out my facebook sometime. I love the gym story. I think it is funny when people go to gym with makeup on. I am doing a fun new class at my gym called Zumba. It is lots of fun.