Saturday, September 13, 2008


Jon was home yesterday, so we went to run errands in town. Savy is beginning to like having her picture taken when she gets dressed up. She wanted to show off the disney princess shoes that Mimi bought for her.

We ate at Macaroni Grill before coming home. Jon fashioned a bib from one of their napkins....she looked like a bandit.

Today, we met Mom in Southaven, and she treated us to lunch at Chili's. Savy adores her Mimi!

We did a little Target shopping on the way home. Jon found this Savy-sized chair...she got very comfortable sitting in it while she played games on Jon's phone. She actually knows how to work his i-phone!

We also found a halloween costume. She's been turning down every costume we showed her until we found this one today...I don't know how this one is different from the ten other Tinkerbell costumes we showed her, but she liked it. She insisted on wearing it as soon as we got home. She ran around flapping her arms and pretending to fly.

She's going to wear it to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in DisneyWorld.


Jennifer said...

Oh, I want a Tinkerbell costume! She looks so cute, I think Addi may be an elephant this year. It was Blaise's when he was younger. But who knows... Love the chair from Target, did you get it???

Christy said...

No, we didn't get the chair. We're really trying to stick to our budget since Disney is coming up. She wasn't too disappointed, though. She already has two Savy-sized rocking chairs and a stuffed Pottery Barn Kids chair.