Sunday, September 28, 2008

DisneyWorld Days 6 and 7

OK, this is going to read like the backwards episode of Seinfeld. If you want to read starting with day 1, go down and start at the post titled Day 1, 2, and 3.

We went back to Magic Kingdom on Thursday and saw Snow White and Jiminy Cricket as soon as we walked into the park.

Here we are in our teacup waiting for the ride to start. The teacups spin slowly, but you can make them spin faster by turning the wheel in the middle....Jon spun us so fast we got dizzy!

We rode the carousel over and over and over again....I think that's Savy's favorite.

Here we are riding It's A Small World for the second time. Savy spent the whole ride both times asking "what's that" over and over....constantly. Jon had answer duty first ride...I had to answer her for the second ride.

Savy had the best seat for every parade....Daddy's shoulders. She really liked all the parades and waved to all the characters.

Friday we went back to Epcot for lunch at the San Angel Inn...very, very good. I love this restaurant. It's inside the pyramid in Mexico (world showcase), and it's as if you are sitting in an open air restaurant under a starry sky.

We finished up the world showcase that afternoon. Savy loved Neptune's fountain....I think this is Italy.

Friday night, Ruth went back to the room early to rest. Jon, Savy and I ate dinner at Rose and Crown, a Pub in the UK (world showcase). After the meal, we went to their VIP area to watch Illuminations, the fireworks show for Epcot.

I almost forgot about was so funny. Jon was at the concierge desk making preparations for our checkout Friday night, and Savy and I were waiting for him in the lobby. There is a tv with bleacher style seating there to keep the kiddies occupied. Savy was watching tv when this little boy...probably around 5 or 6 years old....came in and sat down on the other end of the bench to watch tv. Savy went and sat down right next to him...I mean so close to him that you couldn't slide a piece of dental floss between them. Then she said "Hey, big boy"....I'm serious, she actually said that! He looked at her...a little uncomfortable...and slid a couple of feet down the bench. She slid right back next to him and said it again...."Hey, big boy." They did this a couple more times, then he got up....and she followed him. He started running....and she chased him. She chased him around and around the lobby I don't know how many times. He finally stopped, out of breath, and said "Please!", but she kept coming after him. He ran again and she chased him again until his Mom came and took him away. It was so freakin hilarious....Jon and I laughed until tears were streaming down our faces! She is certainly not bashful!

We flew home Saturday. Savy was acting like a seasoned flyer on the trip home....she had her chips and drink, and was watching cartoons on Jon's ipod.

I thought this was a cute pic of Savy and Ruth before Jon took her home...they're watching hummingbirds at the feeder just outside the window.

We had a great time, but I'm so glad to be home! We've already made our reservations to go to Disney for next year around the same time. Next time we are staying at Port Orleans (a moderate resort). We stayed at the Boardwalk (luxury resort) on our honeymoon...this time we stayed at the All Star Music resort (value). We plan to stay at a different resort every time we go, but I doubt we'll ever stay at a value resort again. The resort itself was nice, and of course value resorts are the cheapest. But they also have the most kids and they are farther from the parks.


Jennifer said...

These pictures are awesome, I REALLY like the ones of the fireworks... So glad you guys are back!

Nanny said...

I love all the pictures. I have looked at them about 4 times. The part about Savy and the little boy was so cute I had to run tell Lee Ottis about it. He laughed again when he read it today.
If Savy keeps that outgoing personality, she will make her way in this old world. She is so sweet, seems like it has been forever since we saw her.