Sunday, September 28, 2008

DisneyWorld Days 1, 2, & 3

We had such a wonderful time in DisneyWorld! Savy has been watching Disney movies for several weeks in preparation for the trip, so she was familiar with a lot of the characters. We timed it reallly well, because it wasn't very crowded at all. The lines weren't too bad. We also used the "child swap" service for rides that Savy was too little parent waits with the child while the rest of the group rides. The waiting parent gets a fast pass to go back through with two other people when they the person who waited with the child is able to go right on the ride and doesn't have to stand in line. These were taken Saturday morning before we left for the airport.

Savy enjoyed the plane ride and wasn't afraid at all. We went to Downtown Disney on our first night there, but we didn't take any pics. We ate at Raglan Road Irish Pub. They had a celtic band and dancers there, and they gave Savy lots of attention. The pulled her to the front and let her dance with them. There was a small platform/stage in the middle of the restaurant where individual girls danced. Savy wanted to get on that stage and dance so badly....she was very angry that guests weren't allowed up there.

We went to Magic Kingdom on Sunday. Our first ride was Alladin's Magic Carpets; Savy, Jimmy, Ruth, and I rode.

Savy got scared on Pirates of the Caribbean (which has been completely renovated) and the Haunted Mansion, but she loved everything else. We had lunch at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore.

She danced with them in the little parade they have through the restaurant.

And she loves Eeyore the best, just like her mommy.

That pic of me and Eeyore was taken on our honeymoon 4 years ago.

After lunch we Savy and I rode Dumbo (one of the few things we did have to wait in a long line for).

We watched the Wishes fireworks show Sunday night. This show is awesome, and they have it every night before Magic Kingdom closes. The photos do not do it justice at all. It starts out with Tinkerbell flying down from the tallest tower of Cinderella's castle. She's very blurry on the pic, but we have determined after seeing the show a second time that she is actually a real person....wouldn't you love to have that job!

I get mixed up on where we were what day, but I think we went to Hollywood Studios on Monday. We watched Fantasmic that night. It's a great show, but the only photo that came out really well was this one of Mickey with the sword (that's a huge dragon in the background).

I have to take a break for now, but I'll be back with the rest soon.

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