Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I HATE FLEAS!!! We started getting bitten again over the weekend, so we set off another 15 raid fumigators Sunday afternoon. We had one flea-free day, then they were back again today. I've determined that Raid foggers and fumigators SUCK! Jon called our pest-control company this morning to schedule a treatment. Apparently, flea eggs don't actually hatch until they're disturbed, so vacuuming A LOT in addition to poisoning is the only way to really get rid of them. Needless to say, I've spent most of the day vacuuming, and will likely spend the next several weeks doing more of the same.

It has been really cool for the last couple of mornings...I guess it won't be long before I have to start running in the afternoons. Savy wanted to wear her hood to school today because of the cool weather. She still loves pre-school and is starting to ask if it's a school day when she wakes up.

I have to post these pics. We cooked a big breakfast Sunday morning...I made eggs and Jon made chocolate chip pancakes. He made Savy an extra special pancake with a chocolate chip smiley face.

Can you tell she liked it?


nanny said...

I thought you must have had a hard day yesterday, because I kept checking your blog and there was nothing new on it. I can sympathize about the fleas, because we had them in our yard one time long ago when Debbie was a little girl. They're hard to get rid of!!I am so glad Savy likes pre school. She looks so cute in her little hoodie!!!

Jennifer said...

Man those fleas are stubborn! By the Way, we cook chocolate chip pancakes every Saturday morning..!