Thursday, September 18, 2008

Checking In

I just wanted to say a quick hello; I haven't had much time to post lately. I've vacuumed so much that I have a blister on my hand...seriously, if I'm not at the computer working or doing something for Savy, I'm vacuuming.

Savy enjoyed pre-school today. I turns out that the director of her pre-school is going to be in DisneyWorld the same week we funny!

So, all is well. The flea population seems to be diminishing. I've been busy cleaning and packing. And I think I might have eaten some birdseed, but I'm ok so far.

1 comment:

Theresa in MS said...

Birdseed? Hmmm, hope you're okay! I know Savy's Mimi is looking forward to Disney and we can hardly wait til she's back with lots of pictures to show us. Y'all have a great time!!