Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gym Day

Since I didn't get to run this morning due to rain, I went to the gym after I dropped Savy off at preschool. I generally don't like going to the gym unless it's very early or very late....too many people there during regular hours. I don't mind saying a brief "hey, how ya doin" if I see someone I know, but I'm not there to socialize...or to look pretty.

This morning, I had my earphones in while I was doing my abdominal exercises, and my music was pretty loud. This girl got right in front of me and waved to get my attention. She wanted to know about the exercises I was doing....what it was for and how to do it correctly. No problem...I don't mind helping if you're serious. So I showed her how to sit on the very end of the bench, extend her legs straight and downward, then bring her knees up. Jon showed me this exercise to strengthen my lower abs after the c-section, and does it ever work! She brings her knees up twice, then declares that it is too hard and quits. So she got nothing out of that and just wasted my time.

It REALLY gets on my nerves when I'm working out and I see these girls in full makeup, perfect hair, and obviously well-thought-out workout clothing....and even jewelry! I believe some stupid magazine must have written an article about gyms being great places to meet men or something. These girls are the ones who get on the eliptical machine or the stationary bike and leave it on the absolute lowest setting and never break a sweat. Two of them will get on machines right beside each other and converse pleasantly the whole time they are "working out".....if you are REALLY working out, you should be too out of breath to talk!!!!!

Another thing that bugs me is when someone gets the floor fan, puts it right in front of the machine they're on, and aims it up so it's only hitting them.
1. The fan is meant to circulate air for the whole room, not for individual use
2. Doing this causes all the hot air near the ceiling to blow down on the person on the machine behind you
3. It's not that hot in there and it's not going to kill you to break a sweat...if it is, then you probably shouldn't be at the gym in the first place

My point(s)?

1. I-pod earphones in the ears is the universal sign for "don't bug me."
2. If you meet me for the first time while I'm at the gym (like Big Wayne), please do not assume that I look that bad all the time....I'm actually quite attractive after a shower and some makeup.


Jennifer said...

First of all, how do you know how many people visit your blog and all that other information, and second, do people really get all dressed up to go to the gym? Ummm, yes, I remember you are talking about the South..ha!

Christy said...

You've been in WA too long...southern girls get dressed up to go anywhere!

Blog patrol gives you all kind of information about who visits your blog, including the keywords people have searched for that bring them to your blog and the actual IP addresses of every visitor to your blog. Go all the way to the bottom of my page and click on my blog patrol to sign up for your own....it's pretty interesting.

Lee Ottis said...

Now you have one!!!

Lee Ottis

Anonymous said...

Hey Christy,
Sorry I don't leave comments all that often; I usually check your blog at work and I don't take the time to leave even a brief word. I TRULY enjoy reading your blog and love the product endorsements. I'm the one who told your Mom about the Fast Fixin chicken and I wasn't surprised at all that Savy loves them. My 24 year old son lives off of them and he's the pickiest eater alive :-) Keep up the commentary! Have a great day!!

Theresa in MS

Christy said...

Theresa, thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling my mom about the popcorn chicken....I was beginning to think Savy might starve to death!

Christy said...

Lee Ottis, thanks...I kinda figured you were reading with Nanny!