Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday Night Test Drive

I caught Savy and Vita playing together yesterday; Savy was pretending she was a dog. It was so funny...they even wallowed in the floor together.

Yesterday afternoon, Jon brought one of these home for me to test drive...

a brand new Dodge Grand Caravan. We drove it into town last night. We went to Barnes & Noble and Waldenbooks...I need plenty of books to read for my 8 hour train ride and 6 hour drive coming up. Savy absolutely loved it. I have to admit I liked it a lot, too. It was raining, so we got a chance to wear our new rainboots. Savy loves hers.

I feel like a super-hero in know how shiny plastic boots can make you feel invincible. So, this is my "Wonder Woman" pose. Sorry, I couldn't find my star-spangled briefs and red & gold bustier.

Savy was excited to go back to school today. Jon dropped her off this morning since he was driving the loaner instead of his "g-ride." She kept telling him "Hurry up, dada, it's time to go!" I'm glad she enjoys school, but it's very strange being here alone.

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Nanny said...

Like your wonder woman pose. Savy looks so cute in her rain boots. I am glad she likes the school at the church. I was afraid she was going to cry. It is sad though!! She is growing up fast. We're all looking forward to seeing Savy this weekend. I think we will go to see her Saturday while Debbie has her. If you think of it, send the bowl set and I will give Debbie your money.