Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How To Treat Diaper Rash / Another Product Review

Time for another product review! If you have a baby or toddler, you need to keep these in your house at all times.

Savy had a few terrible cases of diaper rash when she was younger. Once it got so bad that I took her to her pediatrician...she actually had open sores (that was during the time she was in daycare). They told me to try all the usual things....A&D, Boudreaux's Butt Paste, etc. Those might be good for prevention, but when you already have a full-blown case of it, those don't do much to help it heal. It kept getting worse. I finally stopped using any kind of diaper rash ointment and started putting lansinoh (a nipple treatment for breastfeeding mothers) on her sores. It was completely healed within 3 days. It's great for healing small cuts and scrapes too. You can find lansinoh in the breastfeeding section of any store that sells baby products.

Resinol ointment is an excellent diaper rash cream. You shouldn't use it all the time, but if you notice any redness or beginnings of a diaper rash, apply resinol cream and it will heal it right up. This is absolutely the best stuff for diaper rash that I have ever used...I only wish I'd discovered it before we had several horrible rashes. Resinol cream is good for any skin irritation...just read the uses on the jar. This is not a prescription cream, but I do have to ask the pharmacist for it (it's kept behind the counter).

Update 9/1/08: While we were on vacation, Savy started getting a diaper rash. Of course, I couldn't find resinol anywhere. I decided to try the new Lansinoh diaper rash cream, and I am impressed. I put it on after her bath Wednesday night, and the diaper rash was gone by Thursday morning. I definitely recommend it!

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Laura said...

Hi Christy,

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•Lansinoh HPA Lanolin (15.5%) – The world’s purest lanolin – forms a protective barrier to help seal out irritating wetness and promote natural heeling.

•Microfine zinc oxide (5.5%) – Unlike other zinc oxide formulas, this innovative microfine zinc oxide goes on white but rubs in clear when applied to the skin and provides strong, lasting protection.

•Dimethicone (5%) – An excellent emollient – dimethicone allows for superior spreadability while softening and soothing skin.

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