Friday, August 15, 2008

Caught Without My Rain Boots

Not too much to report today.....

1. Woke up and went for a run
2. Came home and showered
3. Went to get a haircut...saw David on the way in and waved
4. Came home, woke Savy, dressed her, and fixed her breakfast
5. Went to the office to pick up check stub...IT WAS WRONG AGAIN!
6. Visited with Rhonda, Sophia, and Catherine
7. Went to Costco

(Up until this point there was no threat of rain)

8. Came out of Costco and got completely soaked

And I mean the kind of soaked as in you get so drenched that you just give up and aren't even in a rush to get out of the rain anymore.
I wish I'd worn my new rainboots and raincoat today...or even grabbed my umbrella before we went into the store. Poor Savy got soaked, too; she was not at all happy about that. What the heck is going on? It's August...we NEVER get rain in August.

I started my apple cider vinegar experiment yesterday. It's day two, and I don't notice any difference in Vita, Kallie, or myself. I'll do it for two weeks just to give it a fair chance. I'll let you know how it goes.

I didn't get any pictures today, but here's one that Jon snapped of me trying to get Savy to go to sleep Wednesday night.

She refused to stay in bed, so I got into bed with her. I don't know what to do with her...there is a bedtime battle almost every night. It doesn't matter if she naps or not, if I get her up early, if she gets a lot of exercise during the day...nothing helps. Does anyone have any secrets to getting their child to go to sleep?


Jennifer said...

What is the apple cidar vinegar experiment? Try the Sleep Training solution Book. I checked it out at the library and it was a big help!!!!! I used it for both Addi and Ethan.

Jon said...

The apple cider is supposed to help prevent flea infestations. Unfortuanately, it doesn't seem to work. Christy and the dogs still have some fleas. You should see Christy scratching behind her ear with her feet. Crazy!

Jon said...
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Christy said...

Very funny. Yes, it's supposed to prevent fleas, but there's a lot more it's supposed to be good for. I do not have fleas!