Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Little Luck

Finally, a little bit of good luck yesterday! I actually still had the receipt for my battery (from almost 3 years ago), and it was still under warranty (expires in 10/08). So I got a free battery...can you believe that? Usually, things stop working a couple of months after the warranty period expires. Jon put it on for me, and my car is good as new.

Last night, Jon brought treats home for dinner. We had Chik-fil-a and Corky's (including some Corky's banana pudding). After dinner, he blew bubbles for Savy.

Savy started playing "mommy" last night. She put her twin baby dolls to bed, then she slept with them all night. As soon as she woke this morning, she put them in their strollers and wheeled them into the hearth room. Then she sat with them while she ate breakfast and watched cartoons. She even fed them some cheerios.

This is my last day of work on this 7 day stretch, and it is dragging! I hope we can go for a bike ride this afternoon when I'm done.

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Jennifer said...

Hint, Hint, she needs a little sister or brother!!!!!