Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We had a nice, peaceful day today. Savy wasn't fussy or demanding; she was in a pretty good mood all day. We left the house after work for a quick shopping trip and went to the UPS store to send back the Wellies I ordered....who's ever heard of rain boots that run small for Pete's sake!

Savy is becoming a cat-person. Our cats live in the sunroom and have access to a completely enclosed outside area. I used to let her go into the sunroom to play with them, but she started crawling through the pet door and into the outside enclosure. Every morning Savy comes to me and says in her sweetest voice, "Can kitty-cats come in?" She clasps her hands under her chin as if to say "Please, oh please may I play with the kitties?" The way she says it is so precious...I really have to get her on video one morning.
Anyway, I usually let Kiki in first; she is more easygoing, and Savy's harassment doesn't seem to bother her too much. Ezra prefers to lie on my desk (on top of my paperwork) where Savy can't reach him. Savy spends hours crawling around with Kiki...pretending she's a cat I guess.

Tonight, Jon bought some cat toys. Savy found them and just had to play with them...maybe she's been spending too much time with the cats.

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Nanny said...

Savy is so beautiful, I just can't tell you how beautiful she is. When i enlarged the ones of her playing with the cat toys, they are just precious. I loved her hair on them even though I guess she thought it was in her eyes. She really looked like a little doll!!!