Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Work Day

Work days sure do seem boring now that we've had a chance to do all that fun stuff on my week off. Not too much happened today. I cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor. Savy decided to take advantage of the clean (and dog-hairless) floor...she spread out two of her blankets and made a little nest for herself.

I'm not sure why she put all the odd things in there, but they were very strategically placed. Let's see, there's her keyboard, spin-around, cookie monster (present from Suzie), one of my slippers, sippie-cup, Jon's calf stretcher, her v-tech laptop, a reusable WalMart bag, and a Max & Ruby book. She was quite proud of it and insisted that I sit in it with her.

Tonight we went for dinner at El Nopal again...you have to love Mexican food if you live in this town. Afterwards, Jon stopped for coffee at Starbucks, and we got Savy a vanilla milkshake at Sonic. Then we went to Wal-Mart for a kindermat (for preschool) and a new ball...yes, Vita killed the new SpongeBob ball. That reminds me...Savy drew her first picture that is actually of something! She drew this, then showed it to me and said it was "SpongeBob Pants":

She brushed her own teeth tonight with her new Hello Kitty electric toothbrush. She brushed her own teeth last night, too. And Jon thinks she "might" have used to potty last night...it's questionable as to whether she actually did anything or just pretended.

Lately, Savy wants to do everything for herself. She's getting so independent!


Jennifer said...

She is getting so biggggg!!!!!!

Theresa in MS said...

I hear so much about Savy from her Mimi and each time I come in to 'visit' the blog, Savy is more beautiful. I can definitely see why Mimi is so proud of her. Keep up the good work with the blog; it's so nice to take a break and read something positive.