Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet the Teachers

Last night we went to open house for Savy's preschool; we met the teachers, saw her classroom, and met her classmates. There are only two boys in the class; the rest are girls. She had a great time meeting new people and playing with new toys...she made herself right at home the minute we walked in. She took a special liking to one classmate in particular, Audrey. They sat in the rocker and rocked together, then they played chase and basketball. They took turns getting Jon to hold them up high so they could slam dunk the ball.
Audrey's parents seem very nice and fun to be around. We exchanged phone numbers...I guess that's the grown-up equivalent of "do you wanna be my friend?" I hope we can get together outside of school sometime since the girls played so well together.
Jon took lots of CUTE pictures, but I won't post them. I don't feel comfortable putting pictures of other people's children on the blog without their permission....and you don't want to start out a potential new friendship by asking "hey, can I post your kid's picture on the internet?"

This morning Savy was excited about her first day of school. Here she is before we left.

When we got there, I tried to get her to pose for a photo with her little backpack on. She couldn't wait to get inside, and she took off for the door without me. Her little backpack was so heavy, but she insisted on carrying it herself.

The teacher met us at the front door and took her inside; they ask the parents to say goodbye at the front door. Savy never looked back as she walked in with her little group. She went to the head of the line and was trying to open the door all by herself. I'm glad she's so independent, but I have to admit it made me a little sad, too.


Nanny said...

Christy, reading your blog made tears come to my eyes. This means Savy is growing up. She looks like a big girl with that back pack on. The second picture looks like it is weighing her down a little bit. She is walking kind of leaned over forward. This reminds me of you and Debbie growing up, and it is sad!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh Christy, they grow up so fast! I can't wait to see read all of the school updates.