Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Playtime

We went to the play area in the mall again today. Savy climbed, jumped, and turned flips

until she dropped.

When we got home, our rainboots were waiting at the front door. Of course the sun is shining and it's 90 degrees today. Savy loved hers, though, and had to put them on anyway.

I like mine, but I'll wait for a rainy day to wear them.


mimi said...

Savy really looks pooped out. Guess that's good so you didn't have to chase her. Love the boots.

Jennifer said...

I love the boots. That is a cool play area, what mall?

Christy said...

It's Wolfchase Galleria in Cordova. The floor of the play area is thickly padded, so no one gets hurt if they fall.