Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Night At TGIF

I worked today because Miriam and I switched out a few days. Savy got to harass Ezra today (I gave Kiki the day off); he was strangely tolerant of her today. He actually seemed to enjoy it when she covered him up for a nap.

We went for a late dinner at TGIF tonight...yes, we eat out a lot. Here's what I intended for Savy to wear. She wouldn't leave her belt on, so she had to change before we left.

And here's what I wore.

I did put on jewelry after taking the pics, but I didn't feel like taking more photos.

I have been dying to wear this sweater for months, and it has finally (barely) been cool enough to wear it. I love's cashmere and soooo soft. The jeans are also present to myself for finally reaching my goal size. I wasn't sure I could pull off skinny jeans, but I think it's ok. I thought I looked pretty good and that Jon would take one look at me and say "Wow, you look great." His reaction was, "Where did those come from?"


Nanny said...

I think you look great. Jon better get on the ball with those compliments!!! Savy looked so cute in her little dress also.
She is just a little doll. I cannot fine the words to tell people how beautiful she is. She has such a sweet little personality.

Jennifer said...

OK, I'm laughing... You know how men are, they are clueless sometimes. You and Savy both look great. I've never worn anything cashmere, I may have to try it.

Jon said...

New pairs of jeans, cashmere sweaters, new outfits, rain boots, rain coats, ... whew.... I'm gonna have to get a mortgage on the doghouse!

Just kidding...